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Sitges shops, shopping streets and markets

Shopping in Sitges is fun, you can stroll along the pitoresque streets looking for nice little things, fashion, luxurious goods or whatever you need. Sitges doesn't have high, tall, modern buildings so every shop is a cosy shop. Sitges has quite a lot of antique shops and markets (there's one market that's there since the Middle Ages). The mercat de sentits (market of sence) is a market for clothes and jewellery. Other good shopping streets are: Calle Parellades, Calle Jesus, Calle Sant Francesc and Calle Major. The town centre is called the Cap de la Vila.


Zappa Sitges
Passeig de la Ribera 47
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8943796



Sun Planet 
Cap de la Vila 8
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8949392


Calle San Francesc 54
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8947238


Carrer Major 36
Sitges, Spain 
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8943 992


Cyd Clothing
Calle Mayor 60
Sitges, Spain 08870
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8110246


Cebado Hairdressers
Calle San Francesc 21
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8948417


Centre Comercial Oasis local 30/31
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8102248


Cabeli Women's clothing
Mayor 24
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8946367


Calle Angel Vidal 8
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8111705


OPera Artbooks
major 7
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8942143

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