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Sitges restaurants and bistros

There are many restaurants and bistros in Sitges, from almost every country from every continent. They range from cheap and simple to excuisite and expensive. But if you want a quick snack, you can choose from fast food, takeaway or snackbar restaurants. We hope this site can simplefy your choise of restaurants. Restaurants serving Catalan & regional Spanish dishes are extremely popular.


Sant Pedro 30
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8102785
kitchen: Moroccan


Restaurants Fragata
Paseo de la Rebira 1
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8941086
kitchen: Mediterranian


La Gran Muralla 
Bonaire 14
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8945497
kitchen: Chinese


La Mafia
Bartomeu 6
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8113554 
kitchen: Sicilian


La Tablita
Bonaventura 26
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8941144
kitchen: Argentinean


Restaurant La Nansa
Carrer de la carreta 24
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8941927
kitchen: Mediterranian


Carrer de Espalter 8
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8949940
kitchen: International, French


El Velero
Paseo de la Ribera 38
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8942051
kitchen: Mediterranian


Can Marti Restaurant
Calle Espana 10
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8944114
kitchen: Mediterranian


Los Vikingos
Marques de Montroig 7-9
Sitges, Spain
Tel.: 0034(0)93 8949687
kitchen: International

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